About us


             - AND WHY US?

Lightconstructor was started in 2001 with the vision to design and develop LED lighting for projects, where technic, quality and environment have priority.

We have years of experience in custom building luminaires. We have been working closely with architects and engineers in finding the optimum lighting solution for a given project. We design and develop the luminaires specifically to your needs. The elements are produced by our trusted subcontractors, then assempled and tested in-house before delivery.

Through 25 years we have gathered vast knowledge about lighting, LED technic and materials for outdoor/offshore purpose, resistant to vandalism, graffiti, fire, saltwater and temperatures below zero. Indoors we have worked in environments, which needed to be completely sterile.   

All components are produced and supplied by Danish manufacturers to ensure flexibility, as well as the highest quality.

Luminaires for extreme and/or unusual environtment can bede UL- and ATEX certifide.

95% of the materials used are reusable, which ensures minimum impact on the environment.